Located just north of Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Our 55,000 square foot Oppenheimer manufacturing facility incorporates the very latest technology.  Our products are built in-house to the customer order using the latest tools and techniques available in manufacturing.  Our shop floor is home to some of the most advanced CNC machines available, with dedicated areas for paint, potting, engraving and light-balancing.  A dedicated, ESD-controlled room is reserved for wiring and assembly of printed circuit boards (PCBs). Our quality department is composed of multiple photometrics laboratories and utilizes coordinate measuring machines (CMM) to assure product compliance every step of the manufacturing process. In addition to our manufacturing capabilities, Oppenheimer utilizes the latest temperature and vibration chambers to satisfy customers with specific environmental testing requirements onsite.

Oppenheimer also operates a department dedicated to the service, repair and refurbishment of existing product.  This department is a scaled version of our main manufacturing area but maintains all of the same capabilities.

Our employees are our most valuable asset.  Our team is composed of a diverse group of people with a variety of professional backgrounds.  Our high retention is directly attributed to many of our employees having decades of experience with us.  As a result of our high mix environment, our talented employees are highly cross-trained to perform multiple operations.